Bison Brand Products

“Bison Brand” are Heavy Duty 12 OZ Waxed Canvas Tarpaulins.
We were sick of landfill Tarpaulins ripping and ending up in the bin almost instantaneously. My Grandfather had a Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp that has been in the Family for 3 Generations. We decided to make some like his. Tarpaulins that will become intergenerational and last, providing maximum cover day by day, week by week, year by year.

  • Green Olive Tarpaulin - 1.8M x 3M - TP1046

    Product Code : TP1046
  • Green Olive Tarpaulin - 2.4M x 3.6M - TP1047

    Product Code : TP1047
  • Khaki Beige Tarpaulin - 3M x 4.2M - TP1048

    Product Code : TP1048

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