Green Home Products

Sustainably sourced timber, vegetable and palm fibres, recycled cotton blend, metal components, and compostable packaging means the range of products appearing under the Green Home Range have a focus on the future whilst incorporating all the fundamental elements of the past within their DNA, the craft of Brushmaking is no stranger to utilising these raw materials to produce sustainable and quality cleaning products.

  • Greenhome Fibre Cinderella Complete - NA1268C

    Product Code : NA1268C
  • Single Wing Scrub 240mm #3 - AB009

    Product Code : AB009
  • 5-Tie Corn Style Broom Complete - AE324

    Product Code : AE324
  • 350gm Socket #20 Complete with 1.2 x 25mm Handle - AL529

    Product Code : AL529
  • Green Home Wood Handle Coco Fibre Bannister Brush - NA1265

    Product Code : NA1265
  • Green Home Metal Shovel coco bannister Set - NA1266

    Product Code : NA1266
  • Green Home Wood Stock Coco Fibre House Broom Complete - NA1267C

    Product Code : NA1267C
  • Green Home Wood Stock Fibre Fill Path Broom Complete - NA1270C

    Product Code : NA1270C

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