MA312 3 Stage Alloy Extension Handle with Tap & Soap Bucket - MXA Type - WET POLE (1.8-3.6m) - BB394 right

Product Code: BB394
Barcode: 9414845003941
Description :

3 Stage Orange powder coated extension handle. - MADE IN NZ

Alloy handle with on/off fitting and MXA type adaptor.

MXA type means that it is able to have different fitting attached to the brush head end of the handle.

Handle is 3 stage - 1.8m when down and extends to 3.6m.

Able to be used with Bio degradable soap sticks - Code AY330 - Sold separately

Designed to take a variety of different brush heads - Codes BA264, AY350 with standard fitting - Codes BA263S, PR665, with ACME fitting BB398P - Sold separately.


RRP: $ 173.85

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