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Wow, look at that! Gekko is on the glass ceiling again. ”Jack Junior” observes and is intrigued by how the new Moerman innovation is tackling one of the toughest windows to clean. Your new must-have companion just sticks to the glass, has many functions into one tool and has super cleaning power. It can climb any window: a combination of the iconic Excelerator features and some new Moerman innovation.

Three pads are available: steel wool Gekko pad, Fugu Gekko pad and Micro glass Gekko pad.

Steel wool Gekko pad: use inside or outside to remove stubborn dirt such as paint residue, scale. Ideally go over it again with regular washer afterward.

Easy assembling: featuring 2 corner pockets and 2 velcro straps

For heavy dirt spots

Steel wool with water absorbing capacity

Easy access into all corners

Trapezoidal design optimizes the drainage of dirty water

Total length 32,5cm

Always rinse by hand-washing

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