Moerman Side Kit - ET24364 right

Product Code: ET24364
Description :

The best way to keep your tools on your belt.

 Perfect fit for a scraper.

 Vertical water resistant divider.

 Keeps wet and dry towels perfectly separated.

Vertical divider for compartments ensures fast access to your cloths, pouch always stays open Extra bottle holder /cleanser in the inner main compartment. 

Water resistant (not waterproof) optimized zippered pocket for smartphone / keys. 

Lowered entry bottle holster for quick entry. 

Zips easy to operate while on the move. 

Reinforced stitching of the zip. 

Magnetic closure system. 

Wearing your Side Kit:

with straps: more flexible and it hangs lower 

with male belt clip: no more dangling side kit – easier reach + quick mount and quick take off.

RRP: $ 107.84

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