THN Threaded Hole Dairy Scrub Head - Blue - AU179BL right

Product Code: AU179BL
Barcode: 9414845131798
Description :

200mm wide hygiene floor scrub -  Head only -Blue - MADE IN NZ

Plastic stock

Synthetic bristle

This item takes a handle with an inch whitworth thread, usually either alloy or fibre glass

Powder coated alloy handle codes

BB403, BB403BK, BB403BL, BB403G, BB403R, BB403Y

Fibre Glass Handle codes

BN231FB, BB231FG, BB231FR, BB231FW, BB231FY

Other colours available for this item

AU179BK        - Black

AU179              - White

AU179G           - Green

AU179R            - Red

AU179Y            - Yellow


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